Art Summit Foundation is a not-for-profit organization established to promote different forms of art and create a synergy of traditional, tribal and contemporary art among the fraternity and public at large. The foundation works towards positioning Jaipur on a global art map by engaging artists, curators, institutions and the public to enhance the visual aesthetics of the city by showcasing and debating new Indian and international art aesthetics and art experiences. It seeks to establish itself as a centre for artistic engagement in India by drawing from the rich tradition and culture of the Jaipur City, where it is based.

The flagship activity of the foundation is Jaipur Art Summit. In its last four editions it has showcased the creative arts across multiple mediums and formats which exist in India. The Fifth Edition scheduled from 14 - 18 December 2017 will be a five-day long event in the Pink City.  The summit envisages stimulating a cultural exchange, which forms the basis for inspiring new art production and forge important links between India and rest of the world.During the event we endeavour to create a forum, where people are able to have direct exposure to the depth and range of art forms i.e. rare, traditional, folk/tribal and contemporary currently existing within India and globally. We would be drawing on a variety of mediums to create a lively cultural ambiance through dance, music, poetry and discussion for individuals to experience art.