ART PERFORMANCE - Body / Space seeing through cultural topographies
Curator : Dimple B Shah, Bangalore

Jaipur City has history of 290 Years, Monuments, Buildings, People and Space is embedded in the history and present. The city has gradually evolved culturally in and out, breathing and registering every minute changes, witnessing emotional connection of people and experiences. The city has layers of stories embedded within, wish they could speak! The proposed concept for Pink City Live Art, 2017 would revolve around the idea of Body & Space. Topographies of the city and body of performance artists will be the canvas to reflect and connect socio cultural context of the city. This performance festival enables an opportunity to individual artist to read through the soul of the city from the past and present. This concept opens up the subject of 290 years of transformation. Metamorphosis of the city is been gradual; few things have remained same and many things around have seen changes over the years, every generations has added to the tone of the city, that need to be noted trough varied perspective, and the Structural, Cultural & Social Transformation of the city can be seen through body action and Live Art.This concept gives scope to express mainly through body; it can be either spontaneous or processed response to the Pink City. This event will give artists an opportunity to look into local and global perspective into oral or written present & past of the city, looking into history in socio-cultural context, grasping through monuments, customs, traditions etc., and learning and responding through body and space.

Arti Grabowski

Arti Grabowski, Poland

Arti Grabowski born in 1977. Lives and works in Krakow. Grabowski is one of the most active and appreciated Polish performance artists of his generation. In the 15 years of his artistic activity he realized over a two hundred of actions – of strong visual impact, charged with physical energy and an intrinsic sense of humour as well as thoughtful criticism. Arti graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, where he obtained a Diploma (MA 2003, PhD 2010) with distinction of the Performance art. Currently, he is Ph.D. assistant professor teaching performance art, together with Prof. Artur Tajber in first Performance Art Studio at his alma mater. He lives in the Performers Street... Subordinated all his life to the art of performance.

Dorothea Seror

Dorothea Seror, Germany

Dorothea Seror is a life art artist, she has been invited to international Biennials in Netherlands and Nigeria, to performance art festivals in Ireland, Israel, Sweden, Italy, France, Switzerland and China and to artist's residences in Denmark, UK, Netherlands, Germany, France, Israel, Brazil and many more. She is teaching, curating, lecturing and chairing in the field of professional Performance art. Her artworks include performances, videos, installation, objects, direction and more. She participates in and researches about rituals and spiritual practice from different cultures. These experiences find their way into her current work.

Manas Acharya

Manas Acharya, India

Manas Acharya, is an Inter disciplinary visual artist.and curator ,completed his diploma in fine arts from Indian Collage of art(1996), kolkata and did his post diploma from Kala Bhavana, Santiniketan in fine arts(1999) and attended one year artist in residence scholarship from Kanoria Centre for Arts, Ahmedabad ,India(2000-2001). He has worked on exploring various medium of art practices including drawing, painting, installation, video, performance art, documentary film, popular art and craft, and design. He has been involved in different kinds of art activities that deals with a dialogical interaction and has been engaged in different kinds of interdisciplinary collaborations with performative actions of other artists and performers. A young and upcoming artist himself, he is engaged as a curator-coordinator of a new multi disciplinary art space called Studio 21 run by CIMA gallery Pvt Ltd, Kolkata where he is curating interesting shows and trying to evolve a creative platform for young artist of Kolkata and create a vivbrant art space which allow regular interaction and exchange with visiting artists and scholer from all over the world. (

Murari Jha

Murari Jha, India

I have been doing my art practice in Delhi since 2010.I have completed my bachelor degree in 2010 from Patna University. After BFA I shifted to Delhi for getting higher education. I have done Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in 2012. Recently I was part of CONTRABANNED @ Gallery Art Konsult, New Delhi / Good Sleep@ Duration Performance (live Art) -13 days, Unidee/ Inlaks, Biella, Italy/ The lane@ Duration Performance (live Art) -24 Hours, Theertha International Artist Collective, Colombo, Sri Lanka Get Naked@ Duration -15 Minutes HH Art Space, Goa / Barrow, Installation+ Durational Performance @Adil Shah Palace Serendipity Art Festival, Goa, Curated by HH Art Spaces / Carrying the History Duration -30 Minutes@ Bodhgaya Biennale, Bihar / Black Letter, Morni Hills Performance Art Biennale, Chandigarh

Raghu Wodeyar

Raghu Wodeyar, India

Born in 1984, I have done my bachelor degree at CKP and masters at Bangalore University, Karnataka, India. My journey as a performance artist started accidentally during SANDARBH workshop 2009 Baroda. I was reacting to a space where he got excited by the fact that artist is the artwork or part of the artwork in performance art. Also the strength of the medium to connect directly with the audience minimizing the gap between artist and the audience excited me. Later on my art practice as painter leaned more towards performance art. I have done performances in : “SANDHARB WORKSHOP 2009 ? at Baroda. “international live art festival Bangalore 2011? ,?KIPAF Kolkata 2014&2015? , ?illicit bodies Bangalore 2014? , “Performance platform Srilanka?, SIPNA Walk residency 2015 , Nagpur , 7 performances as a part of 080 collective 2014-15, where connecting to city was the basic idea . I have got grants like Robert Bosch art grant, IFA public art grant for the collective 080-30 which I was part of. I have been part few residencies and performance events both in India and abroad.

Shubho Saha

Shubho Saha, Bangladesh

Shubho Saha is a Dhaka-based interdisciplinary artist, a founding member of the artist collective BackART, and the director of the Dhaka Live Art Biennale (D’LAB). As a leading advocate for the contemporary art field in Bangladesh, his recent achievement included three-month Asian Cultural Council (ACC) fellowship to research contemporary art practice in the USA. The aim of his work is to discover the secret relationship of nature with its inner self. The abstraction of the relation goes beyond the collaboration of energy sources. Shubho is an award winning artist, received many awards, the majors are: China Sichuan Award in 1999, Water color Grand prize from Academy of Fine Art in Chittagong in 2001, Honorable award from Kelaghor in 2004, Dean's Award from University of Dhaka in 2007, Sand Sculpture Grand prize from Bangladesh Kite Federation in 2009, Residency Grant in Shangyuan Art Museum, Beijing, China in 2014, Fellowship at Salina Art Center, KS, USA in 2015, ‘Young Printmaker Award’, Bangladesh Cultural Ministry & Kolakendro in 2015, Individual Grant Award from Asian Cultural Council (ACC) in New york, USA in 2016 and receiving recognition for his innovative ideas and art projects.

Smitha Cariappa

Smitha Cariappa, India

Smitha Cariappa, artist and curator based in Bangalore, India has a M.F.A in Painting from College of Fine, Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore University. Later went on a Commonwealth Arts Award to Newcastle, North England. In her formative years she worked in multi- medium and sculptures in Cloth and Installations. In 1999  invited the audience to participate with her installation and in the process interactive performance art and collaboration with contemporary dancer realized . Since, 2002 she has been doing performance video and live / performance art. Participated and invited to artist in residence program, Live art festivals/ Biennale and workshops for performance in public and indoor spaces in different cities in India , Asia, Israel, Turkey, Europe, Caribbean islands, South America. The Victoria and Albert Museum and Nehru award support her research on – Artistic Expressions of the Kodavas through artifacts ,Rituals and Performance. Curator, of  Live Art ,2011 Bangalore and Live Art Lab Bangalore. Interviews and artworks have been published in major art books/ magazines. One, Live Art Almanac Vol.3 U.K.

Sundar Lama

Sundar Lama, Nepal

Sundar Lama is artist who is painter and performance artists from Nepal . He  has done his  masters in Arts from Lalitkala campus in the year 2010 and has  also done  Diploma  in ceramic from S.O.S in the year 2003, he has received various awards to mention few Hidden Hero in the year 2014 by Heart beat and Special Award for Video Art Category in National  Art Exhibitions in the 2012 and  the Artist of the Year Organized by ECSTASY- D Art Group and Lakasda Nahalashala Pucha in the year 2009  and Sita Shree Talent Award Organized by Panta Smariti Pratisthan in the 2009 He has had several solo “Kura Ani Kuraharu  (Bright Ityaadi(roots in motion) The taragaon museum from,Hyatt Regency,Boudha Nepal and various art exhibition to mention few as follow on the floor a collective art show in the year 2017 ,Competition at art council and Digital art exhibition Organized by Kanjirowa national school/USef    Dashain  Nepal/FULRIGHT  in the 2017 and  Fiesta “Silence? painting  Exhibition Organized by Nepal Europe art center to name few.

Yuzuru Meade

Yuzuru Meade, Singapore

Born in Japan in 1978. She had received a Music BA from the LaSalle Collage of Arts, Singapore in 2009 and currently lives in Singapore. In her daily musical practice, she produces soundtracks, jingles and music compositions for independent films, commercials and her own video works. She performs mainly with the Sanshin (Japanese), Sarod (Indian) and Violin (Classical) with electronic sound compositions. Her musical lineage is La Monte Young and Ustad Ali Akbar Khan. She explores music and sound in cross cultural contexts and her musical works are described as ‘Beyond time and space’ which experess about divine energy and spirituality. Yuzuru has been making video-based music works with ‘Zentai Art Project’( These are visual explorations extended from her practice as a contemporary musician. In her art projects Yuzuru uses Zentai, she uses the Japanese sub-culture to investigate the human conditions of identity, spiritual connections with cosmic energy in the universe and as a means to come to terms with one’s living environment. She currently organizes Zentai Art Festival ( in Singapore and around Asia.