Jaipur Art Summit Foundation

Art Summit Foundation is a not-for-profit organization established to promote different forms of art and create a synergy of traditional, tribal and modern contemporary art among the fraternity and public at large. The foundation will work towards positioning Jaipur on a global art map by engaging artists, curators, institutions and the public to enhance the visual aesthetics of the city by showcasing and debating new Indian and international art aesthetics and art experiences. It seeks to establish itself as a centre for artistic engagement in India by drawing from the rich tradition and culture of the Jaipur City, where it is based.

The flagship activity of the foundation is Jaipur Art Summit, an all inclusive new space and a fresh voice that inspires a new generation of artists drawing on a variety of artistic disciplines and expression and their relationship with society to constantly reinvent the world we live in. It seeks to make art more public and accessible and create awareness about various artistic traditions and celebrating their diversity.


To provide an innovative and progressive platform for various art & craft forms facilitating young artists.

Promote inter disciplinary interaction and knowledge generation among all art forms across the world.

Create a contemporary language of art for the city with active public participation.

Foster Industry Academic connects to promote news ideas and talent.

Facilitate the exchange of information, experiences and expertise within a global network of similar organizations.